Friday, September 05, 2008

Australians: Change the diet, save the world.

Global warming and rising Co2 emissions are a global concern. All of the world, citizens are constantly asked to go green. Hybrid cars and cost effective light bulbs are some you might be used to hearing about today. One you might not have heard about is “new" the low Co2 emitting live stock. One of the most over looked air pollutants are the worlds live stock. That’s right animals gasses are helping kill the O-zone. Sheep burps and cow farts contain a large amount of carbon emissions. But how big is that? Well in Australia are accounts for over 67%. In fact, it accounts for the country’s 11% total emissions.

Austrians are hardly the vegetarian type. So how the blokes and sheila’s at The University of New South Wales propose to fix this problem? Kangaroos, those hoppy, jumpy marsupial and national icons of Australia. Kangaroos in their native land are hardly considered a delicacy. It is a cheap high protein, low fat meat, strong in flavor and considered to be tender. Legalist nation wide in 1993, stores nation wide have been stocking steaks, fillets, minced meant and kanga bangas which are sausages. But most importantly the kangaroo produces barely any methane at all, making their gasses much, much, harmless

It is important to note that the Kangaroo is a free range wild animal, it is only hunted and not yet farmed. yet the Austrlian government is quickly try to past last legislature to make it easier. Scientists agree that Australia could support enough kangaroos to feed the nation, stating that the environment can handle 240 million kangaroo without damaging the eco-system and only 170 million are needed to produce the same amount of meat they get from sheep, pigs and cows.

Making this sort of change could be a major step globally to fighting global warming and Co2 emissions. These animal Co2 emissions from Australia account for 1.5 of the worlds carbon emissions. This has gotten the rest of the world into looking on how it could change its diet. For instance the U.S. is looking into Bison, the U.K. into red deer and South Africa into springbok, all of which have low carbon emissions. But for now, Australians are looking to change their diet and save the world.

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