Monday, October 27, 2008

Green Myths

Going green is a huge global topic. But what is real and what is false? Here are some common misconceptions that you might fight surprising.

Planting trees does not stop global warming

Forests have three effects on our climate. They cool the air through evaportranspiration; they reduce air pollutants like CO2 and their dense leaves help warm the planet. Although all of these are beneficial, recent studies have shown that to maximize these effects, it is merely dependant on where the trees exist. Planting trees in forests around the equator helps the planet much more then planting trees in other places because they absorb more CO2 there. The father away trees are from the equator, the less heat is trapped thereby causing higher temperatures. So if you are going to support a tree growing charity or organization grow make sure you pick one that plants in the right location

Hybrid Vehicles are Better then Non-Hybrid

Although hybrids do save you money on gas they do have their own costs. For instance, the amount of energy it takes to make a new hybrid is well over 1000 gallons of gas. Also some cars actually get better gas consumption then some hybrids out there today. If you really want to save money try riding a bike

Always Buy Organic

Buying organic food is a big craze these days. People swear they can taste the difference in quality but consider some of these things first before buying organic. The benefits of organic food are only good when not trucked shipped or flown. The greater the distance, the more energy is used and the more pollution is produced. This offsets much for the initial point. If you really want to go green, go to farmers markets or community supported agriculture to get your produce rather then the supermarket.

Energy conversation and energy efficient are the same.

They are not. Energy conservation is any activity that uses less energy like turning out the lights when you leave a room. Energy efficient is technology that lets you do the same thing but use less energy. Try purchasing energy star products or other items look for energy efficient light bulbs to really make a difference.

When appliances are off they don’t use power.

This is false. There is a phenomenon called vampire power that causes power to fluctuate even when it is no in use. Televisions, air conditioners and cell phone chargers still suck power even when off. This is because many electronics often use an internal clock. Try unplugging them after use to really see a change in your electric bill

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