Wednesday, December 03, 2008

NewAir Releases the AH-450 Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

With the coming cold season it is best to be prepared. Many scientists and meteorologists are reporting that this winter will be record breaking, as recent data already has already shown. Protect yourself from extreme weather with a personal space heater. Space heaters are ideal for creating focused heat in individual rooms. They lower your energy bill as they only warm individual rooms allowing for localized warming. New Air has recently released a great combination space heater. Mixing the benefits of an oil filled radiator with an electric space heater the NewAir AH-450 Electric Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater.

NewAir AH-450 Electric Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

New Air’s latest release is an extremely powerful electric radiator space heater. The New Air AH-450 electric oil filled radiator space heater is extremely easy to use, simple to move and best of all provides the heat that you need to stay warm during those cold winter months. It combines the convenience of a space heater, with the efficiency of an electric heater and the classic styling of an oil filled radiator.

Powerful and Convenient:
The AH-450 is electric, letting it run off of any normal household outlet. This allows you to place it anywhere you might need it. It offers three distinct heat settings so that you can choose how warm you wish your room to be. It works by utilizing its full-enclosed heating element to heat special diathermic oil that is stored internally. This oil reservoir never needs to be refilled or replaced making movement extremely easy. Its vertical thermal slots are specially designed for faster air circulation and greater heat output. Best of all it operates at a near silent level, so that the only way you know it is on is because your room is maintaining its heat. It even includes a cord wrap, so that you never have to worry about tripping over a loose cord.

Stylish Classic Design:
It has a stylish design and gentle rounded corners. It uses four heavy duty casters that allow for easy, rolling movement. It even offers a convenient carrying handle to help make moving this, 23 pound heater from room to room much, much easier. The stylish white finish allow for it to fit into any room without being an eyesore.

Plenty of Additional Features:
The AH-450 is loaded with special features. It includes a built-in 8 hour timer, that allows you to leave the heater on, to maintain heat and not worry about having to shut it off, giving you a warm house that you will always be happy to return too. It also sports truly unique easy-to-use digital controls. These controls make operating the programmable electronic thermostat extremely easy. They help you conserve energy while maintaining the room’s temperature exactly to how you like it.

Extremely Safe:
The AH-450 also has two safety features to keep you and your family safe incase of any unforeseen accidents. It has overheat protection that will shut off incase it begins to overheat. The tip-over safety switch shuts off the power incase it ever flips on its side.

Overall NewAir’s AH-450 is great purchase that will help you stay warm and keep your energy bill down. It’s a great alternative to central heat when all you wish to do is heat one room, and its petite size keeps it out of the way and makes storage a breeze. Easy to use and plenty of safety features make this a great space heater that can easily fill all your needs.

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