Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to Solve Your Dust Mite Problems

How would you feel if your house or apartment had thousands of microscopic insects that are known to cause health problems? There is a good chance you already do. Dust mites are small insects that have a tendency to feed on organic detritus and flourish inside human households. 40,000 dust mites can inhabit up to one speck of dust and their fecal matter, which is produced up 20 times a day is a common cause of asthma and allergies making them uninvited guests in your home or office. So how can you stop these nuisances from invading your personal dwelling? Do you call an exterminator? Use harsh toxins to stop shorten their life cycle? A recent study has shown that none of these are needed. There are plenty of inexpensive options to help stop the spread the of dust mites that are cheap, safe and efficient.


Bedding like sheets and pillow cases are prime real estate for dust mites. Remember to keep your bedding cleaned and changed regularly. If you have a tendency to suffer from significant allergies, look into purchasing special covers that help eliminate dust mites.


Like bedding, remember to frequently wash your clothes as well. Washing in 130 F water instantly kills all dust mites. Cold water only kills 90 percent of dust mites. Try adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil for added efficiency. If you are sensitive to eucalyptus, try lavender of rosemary instead.


Steam cleaning your carpets is a great way to eliminate mites found on the floor as they hate heat. Other great ways to use heat to your advantage to help stop dust mites is to tumble dry rugs and carpets in a dryer or open up windows for direct sunlight as dust mites can’t stand it.

Air Conditioning:

Air conditioning is another great way to help dust mites from spreading. Air conditioners help dry out humid indoor environment which tend to be a dust mite feeding ground. By reducing humidity you are in turn reducing the food supply for dust mites.

Air purification:

The best tool against dust mites is a quality air purifier. Through constant air filtering you not only eliminate their food supply but also the mites themselves. Air purifiers are the best way to allow allergy sufferers to breath easy.


Remember that dust mites do have the word dust in their name and the best way to stop dust is constant and through cleaning. A quality vacuum cleaner will help this problem. Also remember to dust or get a dusting attachment for your vacuum so you can clean hard to reach places.

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