Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opportunities to Recycle!

It may surprise you of how easy and environmentally conscious recycling can be.

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when you clear out all those old electronics. Where do you put it? Do you throw it away needlessly or store it in a pile to take to a recycling center? We all have that guilt; throwing something in the trash bin when we very well know that we can take it elsewhere. But why don't we? Perhaps it matters in waste management. In other countries and cities like in Tokyo, Japan, there are several waste collection days and different waste categories. Not only do they have recyclables but they also have burnables, small plastics, bulk refuse, and more. This is a great way to think of recycling and being environmentally conscious.

With our world growing smaller and the human footprint bigger, it is part of our responsibility to take care of our homes. Chemicals and toxic waste has a detrimental effect on all living things, from green grass to the animals that graze on it, and to humans who rely on the milk and harvest of their labor. There are plenty more opportunities to recycle than you may previously believe! Consider these ideas:

1. Educate yourself, understand where you can recycle and what you can recycle. Earth 911 is a great resource.

2. Start with the smallest rooms first. Offices are perhaps the most time-consuming areas of your home, but a huge plethora of recyclables exist there. You can train your recycling knowledge here.

3. Bedrooms and living room. Do you know where your local donation store is? Many Goodwill and Salvation Army centers accept used furniture and clothing with a smile. Help someone pick out their next 80's outfit by giving away your plastic bangles and Doc Martens.

4. Bathrooms, kitchen. You might not be aware of the dangers of household cleaners or where to recycle or properly dispose of cooking oil.

5. Garage. You probably don't see many of these items or have put them there believing that you could take care of it later. Consider if you really need these items. If not, take the opportunity to recycle it!

So there you have it. Some ideas to help you recycle more and efficiently with the glamorous help of the internet!

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