Monday, August 17, 2009

A Green Pet Owner

You don't have to be a member of PETA to combine your love of animals and environment together. You can start being more environmentally friendly by purchasing and using pet products that are more ecologically sound. You can begin, first, with their diet.

Dogs and cats enjoy popularity in the United States as pets. However, their diets the number one ingredient to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Do not skimp on your pet's food, as there are many illnesses that can build-up from eating poorly made, corn-based food. Holistic and natural foods offer your pet the nutrition they need. Remember, in the wild, canines are slight omnivores and felines are carnivores. Feeding your cat grain-based foods is not only unnatural, but unhealthy. Also, dogs and cats, naturally, do not eat cooked food. Their digestive systems have been built to break down foods that we humans would get sick eating. Some of the enzymes they need are destroyed in the process of cooking, so feel free to give them that small strip of fat while you are trimming steaks for dinner.

Dogs can enjoy baths as frequently as humans, and at times are necessary to keep their coats clean and shiny. However, cats are afraid of the water for a very good reason! They are capable of keeping clean on their own, due to their trickly, sandpapery tongues. Indoor cats do not necessarily need bathing, so if you don't mind letting your pet clean themselves, you are both saving money and resources to bathe your cat. If your pet is an indoor/outdoor kind of animal, invest in a natural shampoo made from whole ingredients. Bathe them twice a month or less, and remember to trim their claws and groom them at least bi-weekly.

Not a pleasant topic, however it is equally important to manage your pet's waste as environmentally responsible as ever. Invest in biodegradable pet bags that can be flushed or follows the standards of your state (some bags are marketed as biodegradable but cannot be used in compost). These days there are many new alternatives to cat litter, including pellets made from grain or recycled paper. However, do not flush your cat's feces as it contains a parasite that resists water treatments and enters the ocean, destroying the wildlife. Avoid clumping clay litter at all costs, as it is bad for your cat and the environment.

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