Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Make Compost?

For all you green thumbs out there, compost is a great way to boost up your plants' health and growth. It's also an economic and fun way to get rid of organic waste without throwing it out. Compost is a made with organic waste set into a bin, and it decomposes to provide a nutrient-rich fertilizer for all your gardening needs.

Homeowners should invest in making compost to boost up their eco-friendliness and to also recycle their waste. Before you begin making your own compost, consider if you have a place to set it. There are some compost bins that can be set indoors, and others outdoors. Where would you like to set your bin, and would your neighbors mind?

Compost IS smelly, but that is just the natural process of decomposition. Remember the old Native American stories about maize? Burying fish with maize seeds ensures that the seed is given all the nutrients it needs.

Even if you are living in a tight apartment, consider beautifying your home with a few hanging plants and make your own compost with the kitchen scraps that you'd otherwise throw away. There are several types of compost, several requires worms to help digest and process the compost, others require nothing but scraps. While looking for a compost bin, consider either making your own or the size and waste it would need.

Compost is an extremely green, economical, and smart way to recycle organic waste into gold. If you are considering making your own compost, check out your local gardening store. You are bound to not only save money on gardening, but you're also keeping the environment much greener.

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