Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shopping at the Farmer's Market

While it seems that the Western world has invested in building mega markets, such as Costco, Sam's Club, and other one-stop-shopping experiences, the rest of the world has its deep roots in open-air markets. So what are the differences and what's the advantages and disadvantages of each? While we are born and raised in a megastore-centric economy, there are a lot of perks to shopping at your local farmer's stand. These perks include:

1. Fresher produce. That's right. These farmers probably picked those fruits and vegetables early that morning. In grocery store chains, produce is picked while it is still raw so that it could ripen through the transportation process. This could leave your apples and oranges from fully obtaining the nutrients it needs.

2. Less gas emissions. These farmers sell their produce locally. Local is good, because it means less transportation and that means less toxic fumes in our environment.

3. Supporting community. Supporting your local farmers by buying their produce grows community health. Also, you are doing them a lot more good by buying direct.

4. Shaving off with savings. You're not paying for the middle man to get you that delicious tomato. You're buying straight from the source, which helps take off the unnecessary fees.

If you need assistance locating your nearest farmer's market, look no further than to ask around, or simply web-search it. Several online directories offer advice and farmer's markets are often held weekly at convenient hours for the average American consumer. If you cannot make it or find it too tedious to attend, your local swapmeet is also bound to sell a few nuts and produce to help you get through your week!

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