Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ways to Save Money On the Holidays

When you walk into your current discount store or even your local mall, one thing seems evident. The Holidays. Every year it's creeping further and further up past its due time. Christmas decorations are in line with Halloween decorations. "Why are there Christmas decorations already?" you might ask yourself. Either way, how will you save money during these economic times?

One word makes it very simple: time. Although time is indeed money, not many Americans today sew their own costumes, roast their own chicken, or hand-make their Holiday gifts. Some individuals believe they lack the talent for making their own gifts, whether it be clothes or food. But, if you boiled your own water before, you're bound to make jelly and jam preservatives just fine. You can offer sun tea with a pretty ribbon on it as a gift. Bake a cake if you can, and give it to your folks as a present.

Presents and preparations for the Holidays do not have to be bought at the mall. They do not have to reflect commercial interests. Homemade items are unique and thoughtful, and truly from the heart. Although it is no longer acceptable to pass out hand-made treats during Halloween, if you are in the need for sweet treats you may want to make your own caramels. Decorate your home with stretched out cotton balls and tape to imitate webs.

For Thanksgiving, virtually anything homemade will turn heads. Implement a potluck if there is none already, cook your own dishes and decorate using your natural surroundings. If you're experiencing beautiful foilage now, take some of the leaves to press onto homemade pieces of seasonal art.

During the Holidays, you can also make various handmade, homemade gifts like mentioned above. Cards made from the heart seem to resonate more strongly to their recipients. Take the time. The weekends are bound to have a few hours of peace. Schedule yourself and formulate a plan. And don't worry about doing things early! The stores aren't, so why should you?

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