Friday, November 14, 2008

Nano-Technology Air Purification?

High nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds continue to contribute to smog and high ozone layer and bad health. People around the world are looking for new ways to create cleaner air, not only for their health but for the environment as well. International laws are tightening as a united step to try and curb air pollution. Air purification units are also becoming more and more adept at handling pollution whether it is in the home or office. However, scientists are still looking for better ways to break down organic pollutants.

Scientists in Japan are now turning to nanotechnology to effectively remove VOC’s nitrogen and sulfur oxides from room temperature. Nano-technology refers to the science of dealing with matter on an atomic or molecular scale. Their findings have shown that gold nano-particles remove volatile organic compounds (V.O.C’s) and helps break them down. The study occurred at Toyota central R&D labs. They used the dangerous pollutants of acteldeyde, touene and hexane as their test subject. All three of these pollutants were effectively removed from the air and degraded by the catalyst. The test showed that gold nano-particles clean and purify significantly better then other systems that are currently in use. One of the reasons for this is that the area of magnesium oxide which is found in the gold nano’s is extremely porous allowing for easy and effective absorption of most pollutants.

Don’t be expecting to see this technology available to the public just yet as there is a catch to it. The only way this process works is if the material is produced in a very specific, costly and timely manner. The gold must be deposited onto the manganese oxide by a UV laser for it to reach effective levels of absorption. So until this process becomes a little bit more simplified and cost effective, we recommend purchasing an air purifier that is currently available and can do effectively clean your house and office.

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